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Oakulture: Visit Oakland, Nightlife Beyond First Fridays, the Oakland Music Festival Arrives

Check out this insightful and informative article in >Oakland Local about Oakland nightlife and culture by Town Bard, Eric K. Arnold. “Oakulture: Visit Oakland, Nightlife Beyond First Fridays, the Oakland Music Festival Arrives.” He delves deeper than First Fridays and the hipster scene to bring you the real “there” in Oakland.

As one who lives in Oakland, however, it should be pointed out there are more happenings than First Friday worth checking out throughout the month. Nightlife (and culture) happens here pretty much every day of the week, and, quiet as it’s kept, the local DJ scene features some of the best-curated genre nights in the entire bay, tended with loving care by a coterie of the usual suspects.  The visual art scene, at least in the quarters Oakulture frequents, is more subtly cool than over-the-top cliquish swagger. In many neighborhoods, there’s a local, itinerant vibe which is frequently friendlier, if sometimes more “turnt up,” than people expect – perhaps one reason why people do visit Oakland, other than Lake Merritt, A’s games, and Bakesale Betty.

After stopping by many of Oakland’s Underground Hotspots, he stopped by Golden Era with hosts Styles and Malachi and remarked:

The night, however, wasn’t done with us just yet. After that, we caught a cab to Lounge 3411, a bar/club in the Laurel district. This spot, situated deeper in the East, gets almost zero recognition, at least not on the level of a high-profile Uptown/downtown address. But the club had it going on, with a monthly night called “Golden Era.” It was a real neighborhood vibe, and DJs Malachi and Styles kept the selection rachet-free, with vintage, minted old-school hip-hop and R&B classics.

The dance floor wasn’t as crowded as the Layover’s, but in actuality that just meant more space to shake a tail feather, which made it more of a personal choice to groove (or not). Those that chose, chose wisely, as the DJs played great tunes all night. Oakulture would gladly return to Lounge 3411 again.

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